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ASE's Died Hard 2020

Most Valuble Ref: Dilligaf

Our teammate "Dilligaf" was honored to be recognized as the Most Valuble Referree at this event.

Grinch in Da Hood

Victorious Commander: Signpimp
More coming soon...

ASE's Battle of Midway 2020

Sportsmanship Award: Signpimp

Phil "SignPimp" Ramirez from COBRA went up to Kansas to be a part of the Action Scenario Events Battle of Midway at Elite Sports Paintball in Assaria, Kansas!! He played for the Japanese Commander, Robert Hullet of Logic Paintball. The field was terrific for this event and many different teams from the quad state area came out to support this event!

VIPER's Quest for the Grail 2020

Victorious X/O: Seabass
Mofo Award: COBRA

Our very own Seabass helped out King Cupcake as his XO. It was an outstanding display of sportsmanship as he helped secure the victory for his King!! Along the journey, the rest of COBRA did their part and played through the challenging terrain and extra special missions to inflict the most trouble on the Peasant army.. For this effort, Hal Jordan awarded the Most Formidable Opponent (MOFO) award to us! We are humbled and gracious. This means a lot to us. It was such a fun weekend of play!! 220 of our dearest friends!!! Please join us someday! Enjoy the pics! See you on the field!! Special thanks to everyone we played with and the great hospitality from Black Tree Paintball field, family, and players!! We had many Brigade Program players show up as well and we handed out some sweeeeet patches!!! Many thanks to our sponsors for helping us out!!

VIPER's Tombstone 2020

Victorious Commander: Seabass

Congratulations to Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez and Austin Frank Prieur of Raw Dawgs for leading the Cowboys to victory! Another great event at Avid Extreme Sports park in Guthrie, OK. Over 500 players attended this event! Already looking forward to next year.

ASE - All American Heroes/Joes v Cobra

Victorious Commander: Signpimp

Congratulations to Phil "Signpimp" Ramirez and Joseph "Rambo" Bigham of Scorched Earth for leading the Cobras to victory! A big thanks to the Joes for putting up a great fight and showing great sportsmanship throughout the entire event. This was an awesome event run by ASE (Action Scenario Events) at Avid Extreme Sports park in Guthrie, OK.

VIPER's Texas Triple Threat 2020

Victorious Commander: Knucklehead

This was Tim "Knucklehead" Gafford's first command experience, and he knocked it out of the park! Big thanks to everyone that played for us, and a huge thanks to Dan "Spartacus" Pianfetti the Hellions for being his X/O and showing him how its done. Of course, thanks to the other two opposing sides for putting up a big fight. This was not an easy win, and a relatively close game. Until next year!

Tombstone 2019 - Avid Extreme Sports Park

Most Valuable Player Award: Seabass
Most Notorious Player Award (MOFO): Seabass

What a weekend! COBRA put in the work! Our very own Sebastian Seabass Alvarez brought home the MVP and the MOFO award from Viper's Annual "Tombstone" Event at Avid Extreme Sports , Guthrie OK. Top honors from both Generals! We had a great time playing with, and against all of our friends. So many people to thank for a perfect weekend! From our commander, Michael A Fisher to our adversaries and their commander, Jonathan Seal...we were challenged all weekend and stepped up to accept. Such an awesome event! Thank you to the host field crew, John Hubbard, Trey Garrison, Scott Dwyer, David Rightmire, and the rest of their crew! Thank you Kerry-Viper Rosenberry for putting on another AMAZING event! Thank you Spyro and Bunny Riggs, John Dickerson, and the rest of the ref staff! The Lip Sync Battle was Off The Chain and our own Phil Ramirez helped out with the DJ duties while Ryan Sexton and the Backdoor Snipers MC'd the festivities. Let's not forget the meal plan that Ryan and GI Sportz puts on for this event! Thank you GI Sportz and Pro Edge Paintball Store for everything you do for us! If you missed out this year, don't forget for next year! This is a DO NOT MISS event! Until our next one....See ya later!

Hawaiian Legends Hawaiian Legends 2019

Most Valuable Player: Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez

What an amazing event! This was our first paintball event in Hawaii! We are honored that Seabass took home the MVP award for securing half of his side's points on day 2. Big thanks to Ryan Sexton for putting us to work. Also, a big thanks to Maui Paintball for putting on such a great event!
Living Legends 12

Victorious Commander: Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez

Congratulations to the Crusade for their win and to Di Inferni for their hard work! More details on our news page.
Conquering Hell 4

Most Valuble Ref: Ironsights

Congratulations to Ironsights for getting us our first ever referee award!
Texas Triple Threat 2019

Sportsmanship award: COBRA

We are honored to have played for our victorious commander, Wade Williams of Task Force Tiger, and appreciate the award and the chance to run missions. We completed mission after mission and then some. The Green and Blue teams put up a great fight. The score was something like ~1520 (blue) ~1100 (green) and ~(1580) red.

Quest for the Grail 2018 - TXR Paintball

Victorious X/O: Signpimp
Most Valuable Player Award: Seabass
MOFO Award: Sticks

COBRA came out to support Odis Pfeiffer II in his role as Commander Dennis the Peasant against King Arthur who was led by Michael "Cupcake" Quinn. Our very own Phil "Signpimp" Ramirez came out to be his X/O and help lead the peasants to victory. We are honored to have been selected by Odis to be a part of his command staff. We have a blast and enjoyed a hard fought game! (~750-800 players)

Final Score: ~1800 to 1500 in our favor! Congratulations to Phil and Odis on their win!

Tombstone 2018 - Avid Extreme Sports Park

Most Valuable Player Award: Seabass

We came out to Avid Extreme Sports Park in Oklahoma and had a great time! There was rain and mud and good times! We showed our love to everyone by showering them with paintballs and stickers! It was a great game, but we eventually threw the Earp's out of Tombstone once again! Law Don't Go Around Here! For our part, we were awarded the MVT/MVP. Sebastian Seabass Alvarez humbly accepted because he is #therealmvp amongst COBRA! Thank you Billie Leslie (Bob White) and Dave Tecson (Archangels) for entrusting with getting missions completed. 100% mission success rate for COBRA! Many thanks to so many people including GI Sportz, Tippmann Sports, and the Brigade Program for everything they help us with. You share in our Glory!

Final Score: 1900 to 1025 in our favor! Congratulations to Billie Leslie and Dave Tecson on the huge win!

Conquering Hell 3

Victorious X/O: Seabass
Sportsmanship Award: Paul Andrado (COBRA Prospect)

Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez was honored to be the X/O for Dan Tecson of the Archangels. As always, we were honored to run alongside a mighty fine team. Conquering Hell 3 was the first Brigade sponsored Magfed event!
CPX Sports - Living Legends 11

Victorious X/O: Seabass

Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez was honored to be the X/O for Connor McKenzie at Living Legends 11. Both sides brought their "A" game, which resulted in a very, very close game. Looking forward to next year's Legends event!
Superheroes vs Supervillians

Victorious Commander: Seabass

Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez and his X/O Jared "Snake" Thomas did a spectacular job leading the Supervillians to victory! The Superheroes, led by Jody Kirtland, put up an outstanding fight and made the game very fun and challenging. We were neck-and-neck on the Saturday game! Special thanks to all players who made this a great game and showed great sportsmanship!
Texas Triple Threat 2018

Sportsmanship award: COBRA

We are honored to have played for our commander, Giggles of Loyalty, and appreciate the award and the chance to run missions. We completed 100% of our missions and ran multiple missions per hour. We congratulate her on her big GREEN win! he score was very close, something like ~800, ~800 and ~1200.
AVP - TANKS Paintball Alien VS Predator

Most Valuable Team: COBRA

We are honored to have played for our commander, Serena Dang of the Gorillaz, and appreciate the MVT award and the chance to run some missions. We congratulate her on her win! Another great event at TANKS Paintball, just like the Jumanji event! This was yet another very close game and hard-fought on both sides. The score was very close, something like 895 to 875.
Jungle Manji

MOFO (Most Feared Opponent) COBRA

We are honored to have played for our commander, Gavin Gonzales, and appreciate the MOFO from Mick Barnabo. Another great event at TANKS Paintball as usual! This was a very close game and hard-fought on both sides. Congrats to Gavin on his win!
Red Strike

Most Valuable Player: Seabass of COBRA

We are honored to have played for Connor McKenzie at Viper's final Red Strike event! We had an absolute balst and hope to attend this field again someday. Great job the Russians for the win, and hats off to the US side for giving us a tough fight!

Most Valuable Player: Seabass of COBRA
Most Valuable Team: COBRA

We are honored to have played for Grant Taylor of Blacklist and NJ Patel of Archangels Paintball Team this weekend at Viper's Wastelands! We took the MVT after a lot of hard work, but a very fun paintball. Great game and great field at Avid Extreme Sports Park! We look forward to next year.
Dungeons and Dice

Victorious Commander: Seabass
Most Valuable Player: Tim Gafford, COBRA Prospect
Best Bounty Hunter award: Seabass

COBRA was honored to lead the red side to victory with a final score of 28 to 23. Yellow put up a very hard-fought fight. Bea Youngs, of Destiny Paintball, commanded the yellow side. It was an honor to have a high-caliber player like her at a local field!
Viper Austin Flowers

Most Valuable Player: Seabass
Young Gun Award: Jacob, COBRA Prospect

COBRA was honored to play for Austin Flowers himself, John Epley. Another awesome event at TXR Paintball in Cypress, TX. Our side won ~1900 to 1500.
Viper Texas Triple Threat

Victorious X/O: Seabass

COBRA was honored to play for Commander Giggles of Team Loyalty. Green team brought home 1700 points for a nice win this weekend. COBRA completed 90% of their missions and ran missions every hour. We had great fun running with other standup paintball teams on all three sides! We greatly enjoyed helping other teams run missions, and we are also thankful when other teams helped us complete missions!
Notice Eternanum - Mafged Uprising Snakeeater Series Magfed Uprising - Noctis Eternum - Snakeeater series

Sportsmanship Award: COBRA

COBRA was honored to receive a sportsmanship award at this event. Special thanks to Blake "Badfish" Simon of Archangels for this honor. We enjoyed playing this event, and for most of our team who attended, it was our first magfed event. A round of applause to Carlos Pagan for putting on this great event at Texas Paintball!
Viper Paintball's Paint the Thrones

COBRA was honored to command the United Northern Army against House Lannister. Although our side did not take the win, everyone worked really hard and fought honorably! Looking forward to commanding our next event in the near future. Stay tuned for more details.
Viper Paintball's Quest for the Grail

Most Valuable Team: COBRA

COBRA was honored to win the MVT and MOFO award at Viper Paintball's The Quest for the Holy Grail scenario game! Special thanks for Odis "Redneck" Pfeiffer and Dan Pianfetti for the honors. Thank you Michael "Cupcake" Quinn for the MOFO award!
Viper Paintball's Hatfields and McCoys 2016

Most Valuable Team: COBRA

COBRA takes the MVT award for Vipers DFW game this weekend. Thank you for everyone who was apart of this game and we are happy to receive this award.
Viper Triple Threat Viper Paintball's Triple Threat 2016


We had a great time for Viper Paintball's Triple Threat game at Petty Paintball in Red Rock, TX. It was the first time in paintball history to have 3 female commanders in a event. Thank you for our green general Giggles for having us play for your side and picking Seabass to be your XO. Also another thanks to the Blue teams General Bunny from Gorrillaz and XO Stryker for the Most Formidable Award. Thank you all we had a great time and we'll see you guys at the next one.
Viper Paintball's Paint Wars

Most Valuable Player - Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez

11.14.2015 - Over the weekend we played an awesome Viper event (Paint Wars) In Houston, Texas with over 1,100 players in attendance. We are proud for one of our very own Seabass to receive the MVP award. We like to thank Spyro with Team Loyalty and Iceman from Team Odyssey for the awesome award.
Decay of Nations 9

Most Valuable X/O - Sebastian "Seabass" Alvarez

Special thanks to Wolf for this honor! COBRA attended this event with the Texas Coalition, a group of fine texas players who made their way west to participate in this great event.
Viper Triple Threat Viper Paintball's Triple Threat 2015

Most Valuable Team: COBRA
Sportsmanship Award: COBRA :)

COBRA is honored to take home the MVT award at Viper Paintball's Triple Threat at Petty Paintball! Thank you Wes Raptor Garza, of SAS Woodsball, for giving us this honor. It was a pleasure to run for you and the RED side!
Viper Paintball's Fallout Part 2 2015

Victorious Commander: Seabass of COBRA

Thank you TLI, Honey Badgers, Type 3, Alter Ego, Twisted Militia, Odyssey, COBRA, Critical Mass, Dogmen, Foxtroct, Gorrillaz, NPP, Loyalty, Hellions, Texas Wood Dogs, and everyone else for committing to my side and fighting yalls butts off and KILLING it for the “MINDLESS DRONES OF THE BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL"!
Viper Paintball's Fallout Part 1 2015

Most valuable Team: COBRA

Thank you Joshua Anti-con Klein, of SAS Woodsball, for giving us this honor. It was a pleasure to run for you and the NCR at this game!
Phobia Viper Paintball's Phobia 2014

X/O for Snake of Texas Light Infantry

Sebastian Seabass Alvarez was honored to be Snake's X/O for this game. Our side won 2200 to 1300, give or take.
Viper Paintball's Halo 2014

Most Formidable Opponent: COBRA
Most Valuable Player: Superman

Another epic game Viper game at TXR! COBRA registered as "place as needed" but were honored to run for Type3/Alter Ego!
Viper Triple Threat Viper Paintball's Triple Threat 2014

MOFO Award
MVT Award

COBRA is honored to have received these awards and to be able to run missions for Shadowwalker!

Viper Paintball's The Sixth Gun 2013

Most Valuable Team: COBRA

We had a blast running under the command Boondo's Army and we are honored to have received this award!

We Were Soldiers - 2013

Victorious Commander: Nubbs of COBRA

Many thanks to DFW Adventure Park for putting on a great game! Another big thanks to the opposing American forces and its commanders for putting on an awesome fight and showing great sportsmanship! For those teams and walk-ons that ran for us, you were awesome and worked your tails off!
Living Legends VI
Living Legends VI

Victorious X/O Command Role for The New Empire - Roughneck

Many thanks to Wolf for choosing Roughneck as his X/O! All sides fought hard and the New Empire took the win 970 to 180!!!! (approximate #s)
Red Dawn at BearClaw Paintball
Pegasus Bridge 2013

Sportsmanship Award

This has become an annual event for us. COBRA ran for the red side at this event and is honored to have received the Sporstmanship award.
Viper Triple Threat
Viper Paintball's Triple Threat 2013

MOFO Award
MVP Award (Shmo)
MVT Award

COBRA ran for Reaper (blue side) at this event and we were honored to have received MVP and MVT. We are honored by these awards and thank the general of green side for the MOFO award. It was a pleasure to server Reaper and run against Ray Harlan (red side) of the Hellions and NPPL (green side) of Deadhorse. Congratulations to NPPL for the win!

Viper Paintball's Dagger Protocol 2012

Bull of COBRA selected to command the US side

Many thanks to CaptMaverick of Total Insanity and Spyro of Loyalty for their outstanding help provided to Bull for his first command. Props to the Georgian side and their general Touareg for their well-deserved win!

Red Dawn at BearClaw Paintball
Pegasus Bridge 2012

MOFO (MVP) Award: Ghost

Many thanks to Drunkenmaster for the invite to this game! COBRA had a blast running with Bull from Black Cell, Hellions, Redrum and others friends/fellow ballers at DFW Adventure Park in Dallas this weekend! This was our COBRA-NORTH Chapter's first game!
Panama Invasion Night Game 2011


Many thanks to Grimm and Pyro for using us to run missions! This was possibly the hottest game we have ever played. The start of the game in 106 degree heat was brutal, but the night was cool. Another great night game!
Red Dawn at BearClaw Paintball
Red Dawn 2011 at BearClaw Paintball in Tennesee


Awesome game! Many thanks to Sarcasm of Injustice League for being some welcoming and allowing us to run missions. This was one of the best games we have ever attended! It was a well written/run game by MPP Games! View Award
8 at 5J Paintball
"8" at 5J Paintball - 2011

MVP Award: Spraypaint of COBRA

Many thanks to DragonLady of Federation Guard and for Reverend Splatter of Team Oddysey for asking us to run on their side!
We Were Soldiers 2 - 2010


This was a great game! But the best part were the veterans who attended and the appearance by Joe Galloway! Many thanks for X-Ray for giving us the opportunity to X/O for him!
Battle of Stalingrad 2008
Battle of Stalingrad 2010

Sportsmanship Award: COBRA

Thanks to Gair of Paintballmart for the opportunity to run lots of missions. Another thanks to Black Cell for working together with us and kicking lots of tail.
Dogs of War
Tombstone - Dogs of War 2010

MVP Award: Coyote of COBRA

Thanks Coyote for working your butt off the Dogs of War night game! Special thanks to Black Cell for this honor.
Ultimate Woodsball League - OK TX
UWL Oklahoma D-Day

Sportsmanship Award: COBRA

We somehow managed to win this award, so we want to thank Tom Cole and his staff for this and congratulate them on another successful UWL event!
Battle for Mogadishu - Blackhawk Down
TOMBSTONE 2010 - February 28, 2010 - Paintball Zone North

Most Notorious Enemy Team: COBRA

Special thanks to Robert Duhon for giving us the opportunity to run for him and also to the players on the blue side who were oustanding!
Battle for Mogadishu - Blackhawk Down
BLACKHAWK DOWN - January 30, 2010

Most valuable Team - COBRA
Most Notorious Player - Grinder

Special thanks to Drunkenmaster (Team Hellions ODA 163) for his leadership and for all of the players that made this game a blast! Also, we were very happy to have Fern from KobraLine (Canada), Camojoe from (Illinois) and Wolf from the Wolf's Den (Canada) make it down to this game!
Back to Bataan 2009, Harwood, TX.
BACK TO BATAAN - October 3rd, 2009

COBRA leads the American side to victory!

Special thanks to Black Cell, The Crusaders, Total Insanity, Texas Mercenaries, Phule's Gold and anyone else we are failing to list. Thanks to the opposing side for an awesome fight that even the rain could not hinder.
Urban Woodsball League - Dallas, TX
UWL DALLAS, TX - September 12, 2009

1st Place Skills Division, 4th Place Overall at this event.

This event, at Cousins Paintball, was a blast! COBRA won first place in the Skills event and scored the second highest total points in the Tourney. The game was cancelled on day 2 due to flooding. Looking forward to the next one!
Tears of the Sun
TEARS OF THE SUN - August 8, 2009

Sportsmanship Award: Grinder of COBRA

Once again, COBRA was proud to run with MAST (under leadership of MAST3 and help them remain undefeated in this game! Special thanks to Razor of TI for help in making this game fun with his role-playing!
Viper RTS
VIPER RTS - June 27, 2009

Sportsmanship Award: COBRA

COBRA is honored to receive it's first award at a Viper game! Special thanks to Jim "Wamba" and Mike "Recoil" for doing an outstanding job! Special thanks to the Kell Hounds for this honor!
Tippmann TPX Challenge at D-Day
TPX Challenge - D-Day 2009

Daniel Lord: 4th place (out of 80)

Congratulations to Daniel "Vader" Lord for his hard work in this tournament at the D-Day event in Wyandotte, Oklahoma. He came in 4th place out of a total 80 players!
The Hunt For B.L.
THE HUNT FOR B.L. - March 14th, 2009

Most valuable Team: COBRA

This was the biggest event in Tactical Paintball's history. Terrorists were lead by Devil of Ronin Recon and the Coalition was lead by Greg Hastings of paintball fame. COBRA was proud to run missions with Devil and Archangel at this event. Looking forward to next year!
Battle of Stalingrad 2008
THE BATTLE OF STALINGRAD - December 5-7, 2008

Most Notorious Player: Josh Taylor (Roughneck), General
Best Sniper: Eli Milsaps (Assassin)

COBRA was proud to command the German army to victory in the invasion of the Russian city of Stalingrad.
Planet Wars
PLANET WARS - September 27, 2008 - Petty Paintball

Most valuable Team: COBRA

This game was a blast and COBRA was proud to run with the blue team under the leadership of Patriot Militia at Petty Paintball in Austin, TX.
Tears of the Sun
TEARS OF THE SUN - August 16, 2008

Most valuable Team: COBRA
Young Gun Award: Wee-man

COBRA was proud to run with MAST and Total Insanity in this game. Congratulations to MAST for their leadership awards.
The Hunt for B.L.

- March 22nd, 2008

Most valuable Team: Cobra
Young Gun Award: Cobra

COBRA was honored to under Ronin's leadership and successfully prevented the Coalition from shooting our General the entire day.
Xtreme Paintball - Austin, TX

- February 23, 2008

MVP Award for leadership under fire: COBRA

COBRA was honored to run under the leadership of Team MAST at Mission Alpha: Apocalypse at Xtreme Paintball in Austin, TX.
Battle for Mogadishu - Blackhawk Down
BLACKHAWK DOWN - January 19, 2008

Most valuable Team Award: COBRA
Most Notorious Opponent: COBRA

COBRA was honored to run with the Rangers under the leadership of Jon Harris in a 12 hour scenario game against the hordes of Skinnies.
Gears of War
GEARS OF WAR - December 1-2, 2007

Young Gun Award: Johnny Smith
Best Sportsmanship Award: COBRA

COBRA was honored to run with the COGS under the leadership of CaptMaverick in a 28 hour scenario game with 3 sides competing for victory.
Battle for Khe Sahn
THE BATTLE FOR KHE SAHN - October 27, 2007

Most Notorious Player: Josh Taylor (Roughneck)
Most Notorious Team : COBRA
Most valuable Team: COBRA
Special Operations/Special Tactics Coin: Godlike
Special Operations/Special Tactics Coin: Textanker
Special Operations/Special Tactics Coin: Roughneck
Tears of the Sun
TEARS OF THE SUN - August 25, 2007

MVP: Josh Taylor (Roughneck)

This was COBRA's first game at Tactical Paintball. We were invited to become a home team after this game.
Battle of Stalingrad

The Germans complete 90% of the missions.


Tippmann, TechT, Guerilla Air, Hammerhead, 5J, Pro Edge

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